" HITShipo is a shipping platform for automation ". HITShipo is an automation tool that let's you print shipping labels,track orders,audit shipments etc. Both shipments are handled with a strong integration of e-Commerce.

  • Get Live Shipping rates and account rates using plugins which are integrated with HITShipo.
  • Create Shipments and generate label through HITShipo.
  • You can Create Pick up request and label through Hitshipo.
  • You can create Return label through HITShipo.
  • You can Track your Shipments.
  • Automatically update order status.
  • Audit Shipments.
  • All Shipping services available.
  • Supports both Domestic and International Shipments.

  • HITSHIPO was planning for High Quality WordPress, Woocommerce, Edd Downloads Plugins. HITSHIPO was launched on 4th Nov 2018.

    How special is HITShipo?

    If you are frustrated by the process of creating and printing a shipping label, here is a simple solution for you. HITShipo is a fully automated solution that lowers your costs and saves your time.

    Shipping Label Invoice

    SIGN-UP into HITShipo

    If you are trying to congiure the wordpress plugin then an account will be automatically created with HITShipo

    For other stores like Prestashop and Opencart first you need to create an account by Signup to configure with HITShipo.


    Once you login, you will be directed to the Dashoboard page of HITshipo.

    You need to set up Account at the settings of HITShipo.




    At the dashboard you can find the details of your store you linked with HITShipo, Balance label details, Total Orders, Total order shipped and much more.


    Shipping Label

    At the Shipping label section you can find the details of the shipments

    You can view the order details of the new shipments, shipped shipments, delivered shipments, failed shipment and audit shipments.

    You can also genrated shipment label, invoice for the particular order

    You will get all the status of the shipments in this section.



    Return Label

    You can create return labels for the returing orders from here.

    Return label

    Create Return


    You can create pick up for the orders by selecting the checkbox for which you need to create pickup.

    You can also view the status of the pickup at what time and at what date the pickup is made.


    Pickup info


    You can track your shipments here. You will get the detailed information of tracking here.

    Track Shipments

    Track info

    Edit Track

    Audit Results

    You can audit your shipments here. You will get the detailed information of the audited shipments.

    Audit Shipments


    You can view the invoices and the detail information of your monthly HITShipo subscription here.

    You can also view the Total labels used and on what subscription plan you are using the HITShipo subscription.



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