DHL EXPRESS for Prestashop

DHL Express shipping plugin incorporates the DHL Express for express delivery in Domestic and Abroad. We offer all types of DHL services depending on the destination. It supports all Countries.

Annoyed by clicking on the button to create a shipping label and produce it, here is a Hassle-free solution for you. HitStacks is a completely automated tool that reduces your costs and can save our time.

We will also track your orders and automatically change your order status.


When Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn founded DHL in 1969, they didn’t know they would revolutionize the world of logistics. Today, DHL is the world’s leading logistics company. Our 380,000 people in over 220 countries and territories work every day to help you cross borders, reach new markets and grow your business. Or simply send a letter to your loved ones.


Login to HITShipo using your account and it directs you to the dashboard page of HITShipo.

You would then set up an account using the menu bar in the right corner of the navigation menu bar.

The next stage is the integration with HITShipo of your company.

Integrate the key

Enter the URL of your website to link HITShipo to your ecommerce store.

Enable product packing

Next you need to login into the backoffice of the Prestashop using your account.

Prestashop login


We will send the product details and location to DHL to receive real-time prices on the check-out page.

We are providing the following domestic & international shipping carriers of DHL.

  • Domestic Express
  • Worldwide Express
  • DHL Express
  • DHL Economy
  • and more 14 Services.

  • On enabling Real-time rates, the Live rates will be shown in the cart/checkout page.

    On enabling local-rates, the Prestashop configured rates will be shown in the cart/checkout page.

    Front office.

    You can exclude the countries where shipping is unavailable by selecting the countries.

    You can exclude the customers too whom you don't want to make the shipment by Whitelisting the customer from selected countries option.



    DHL Express shipping plugin is deeply integrated with HITStacks. So the shipping labels will be generated automatically. You can get the shipping label through email or from the order page.

    This plugin also supports the manual shipment option. By using this you can create the shipments directly from the order page. HITShipo will keep track of the orders and update the order state to complete.


    The admin needs to LOG-IN at the Prestashop back office.

    Login Of Prestashop


    Go to the Modules menu at left-menu and select the Modules Manager and then click UPLOAD A MODULE.

    Use the UPLOAD MODULE option and upload the zip file ( downloaded from --> ) from the directory then try to DOWNLOAD it.


    Your MODULE is then added successfully in your directory and then the desired MODULE has to be uploaded as a zip.file.

    Upload Module

    Upload Module

    You must configure it after activating your MODULE.

    Configure DHL EXPRESS:


  • You need a DHL API credential from the DHL to configure your plugin.
  • The DHL provides you with the DHL Account information.

  • dhlaccount

    DHL Address:

    The shipper information should be given by the owner on the DHL address page.



    Enable Checkbox to Get the desired Service in Checkout Page.

    Add New Name in the Textbox to Change the Core Service Name.

    If any price adjustments are required then it could be done in the Price adjustments tab.

    Services and Price Adjustments


    The DHL Packaging section helps the shopper to pack the box according to the product's weight, height, and measurements.

    Two types of packing service is available.

  • Pack the items individually - Each items should be packed seperately.
  • Weight based packing - Calculate package on the basis of order total weight.If the package reaches a specified weight then the item should be packed accordingly.

  • Please Choose the required packing type.


    Pack Items Individually

    Choose your DHL pack type:

    Pack Item

    Weight Based Packing

    Calculate package on the basis of order total weight.If the package reaches a specified weight then the item should be packed accordingly.

    You can choose how to pack

  • Pack heavier items first
  • Pack lighter items first
  • Pack purely divided by weight

  • DHL Shipping Label Section

    This is a premium service.

    DHL Shipping label will be created by our hitshipo only. You can create shipping labels automatically.

    There is no manual work need.

    Please register in HITShipo to create a shipping labels. Trail available.

    Checkout HITShipo Product Page:

    DHL shipping label will be created only if the integration key is provided.

    The integration key is provided once you login in to the HITShipo.

    You need to copy the integration key to your eCommerce store to integrate your business with HitShipo.(Available on Setup Account Menu)


    Archive Airway bill - For package safety and custom clearance purposes, you can request a DHL airway bill. An airway bill gives you proof of consignment with a unique number, which you can use on DHL’s website to track the shipment.

    Shipper Barcode label


    This option is only for the developer to check the request and response messages.


    If all the necessary changes are made then it should be saved finally.