C.H. Robinson Shipping for Wordpress

CH Robinson plugin integrates seamlessly with C.H. Robinson for real-time online quotes based on the postal codes of origin and destination, shipping rates, printing labels, automatic tracking number email generation, shipping rate previews on product pages, and much more.

ABOUT C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is an American Fortune 200 provider of multimodal transportation services and third-party logistics. For 2021, it was ranked 5th among third-party logistics providers in the United States by Gross Revenue/Turnover

INTEGRATE C.H. Robinson for WooCommerce

Once you enter your mail id while at the last step of integrating your store with HITSHIPO (i.e. while configuring the plugins settings) with all your details will be automatically integrated with HITSHIPO.


You can check it by login to HITSHIPO (https://app.hitshipo.com/)


Login to HITShipo using your account and it directs you to the dashboard page of HITShipo.

At the Dashboard page you can check the label balance, Total order you have made using our plugin, Total orders shipped, your current subscription plan details, and much more.



You need to LOG-IN to your admin page of wordpress store.

Back Office

Once you SIGN-IN it directs you to the dashboard page of your wordpress.


Installing C.H. Robinson Plugin

Go to the plugin at the left-menu and select the Add New.


  • You an UPLOAD the plugin in two ways.
  • You can use the UPLOAD PLUGIN option and upload the zip file ( downloaded from --> https://wordpress.org/plugins/c-h-robinson-shipping/ from the directory (or) Use the search field to search the C.H. Robinson Shipping plugin for WooCommerce and Install it.
  • Your plugin is added successfully and the desired plugin has to be activated.
  • You must configure it after activating your plugin.

  • Configure C.H. Robinson Account

  • You need a C.H. Robinson API credential to configure your plugin.
  • You can obtain those credntials by creating an account with C.H. Robinson or by contacting them.
  • C.H. Robinson will provide you with the Account information.

  • CHR account

  • C.H. Robinson web service key,Web service password, C.H. Robinson Client ID, C.H. Robinson Secret number are provided by the C.H. Robinson.
  • Note : If the credential provided by the C.H. Robinson is working in test mode then the TEST MODE should be enabled at the plugin settings.
  • If you want your customers to show live shipping rates at the checkout page then you should enable the "ENABLE LIVE SHIPPING RATES".
  • If you want to create label automatically without any delay, when an order is placed then you enable "Create Order Automatically".
  • Enable Debug mode is used to checkout any errors at the checkout page. This checkbox is used only for developers.
  • After entering the C.H. Robinson account details you can move on to next section.

  • Configure C.H. Robinson Shipper Address:

  • The shipper address details should be entered.
  • Note : The State Code should be a two letter ISO state code. There is no need of entering the full name of the state.
  • Shipper Address


    The C.H. Robinson Packaging section helps the shipper to pack the item accordingly.

    Three types of packing services are available.

  • Pack Item individually.
  • Weight Based Packing.
  • Box Packing

  • ShipperPacking

    Pack Item individually

  • If you choose "Pack Item individually" then your products will be packed into each seperate packages accordingly.
  • If you choose "Pack Item individually" then remember that your products should have dimensions(Length, Width and Height), because the shipping rates will be calculated based on the product dimensions.
  • Product Dimemnsions

    Weight Based Packing

  • If you choose "Weight Based Packing" then Maximum weight for one package must be specified. The package above the specified minimum weight will be packed into seperate package accordingly.
  • If you choose "Weight Based Packing" then remeber that your products must have weight because the shipping rates will be calculated based on the product weight.
  • Weight based

    Box Packing

  • If you choose "Box Packing" then you should specify the box dimensions.
  • If you choose "Box Packing" then the shiping rates will be calculated based on the product dimensions and weight.
  • Box Packing

    Shipping Rates and Services:

  • If the account rate is enabled, then the special shipping rate provided by the C.H. Robinson will displayed at the checkout page to the customers.
  • The regular shipping rate will be shown if the C.H. Robinson account rate is disabled.
  • You can Exclude the countries so that the C.H. Robinson Shipping sevices won't be available to those excluded countries.

  • Shipping Rates


  • Enable Checkbox to Get the desired Service in Checkout Page.
  • You can add an alternate name for the carrier, So that the alternate name will be displayed at the checkout page.
  • Note : Among the chosen serivces only the available services by C.H. Robinson will be displayed at the checkout age based on the destination/customer address.
  • Shipping services

    Configure C.H. Robinson Shipping Label

  • Choose who will pay the duty payments, This is for who gonna pay the duty payment and taxes.
  • If the Email id is provided at the E-mail address field then the generated shipping label,invoice will be send to that registered e-mail Id.
  • Shipping Label


  • This is Additional step in configuring the C.H. Robinson shipping module.
  • Enable the checkboxes to get get the desired option for Picup and Delivery options
  • This step can also be skipped if it doesn't suit your needs
  • special requirements


  • This is the last step in configuring the C.H. Robinson shipping module.
  • You need to enter the e-mail address to register your site with HITSHPO.
  • After entering the email address you need to save and continue.
  • You will get a pop up displaying "Setting Saved Successfully"
  • Save and Continue