To use the Multi-vendor you should enable the check box.

To calculate the shipping rates based on vendor address the checkbox should be enabled or-else the shipping rate is calculated by the default DHL shipping address.

To create shipping labels based on vendor address the checkbox should be enabled or-else the label will be generated from the DHL default shipping label.

The user role for multi vendor should be properly mentioned.Only the mentioned role only can take part in the Multi-vendor.

Multi user role can take part in Multi-vendor.

To send the created shipping label to the vendor email the checkbox should be enabled or-else the vendor wont receive any email or notification about the shipping label.

Save the changes made in the Multi-Vendor.


Configure USER(s) with Multivendor

To add new user in the Multi-vendor use the left menubar to select user and then click ADD NEW USER .


Please fill all the fields and save it by clicking the ADD NEW USER .


After adding the new user the shop owner/Admin should edit the details of the vendor by moving the cursor over the new user and click the EDIT option.


The shop owner/Admin can edit the details of the vendor after opening the new user tab.

The shop owner/Admin should get the credentials of the vendor.

Configure Products with MultiVendor

To add the products go to the left menu bar click the products menu and Click the ADD New.(If the products of vendor is already added then Edit the products.)

Add Products

Once the product is added the vendor’s shipping DHL shipping Express Account should be properly be mentioned.

The DHL Express account is displayed on the shipping menu only if the role of the vendor is mentioned correctly at the MULTIVENDOR section of the configured plugin page.


If the products details are entered then it should be saved by using the publish button at the right side of the page.


If you edited the product then make the modifications and save it by clicking the update button.